Sunday, March 27, 2016

New Post!! Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice review

It's been a LONG TIME since I've posted a blog. In lieu of that, I've decided to start posting my movie reviews here.

Onto the first...

"Tell me... Do you bleed?... You will". My spoiler-free review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I just saw the movie a couple hours ago and let me just say, forget what the critics are saying that are bashing this film. First, as a comic book fan, and even a movie fan, I got chills when I finally saw Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman all occupy the same screen in a live action film. Gal Gadot is just phenomenal as Wonder Woman. She truly owns that character and makes i...t her own. However, I have to say the real star of this is Ben Affleck as Batman. When it was revealed that he was cast as Batman, I wasn't apprehensive about it, but wanted to see how he'd do first before casting any judgement. Let me say, that man just blew me away as Batman. He put so much effort into that role and it really shows the amount of time and energy he devoted to it. I seriously can not wait to see his own spin off film, and everything else he is going to be in as Batman. Michael Keaton and Christian Bale were right for their versions of the Caped Crusader, and Ben Affleck is for this one. Now, the rest of the cast were great as well, especially Henry Cavill. Seeing as this is not only a sequel to Man of Steel, but a jumping off for the new Justice League movie, Cavill knows how to play Superman. The man shows a more human side in this film and I found it to be inspiring. Jesse Eisenberg was very interesting as Lex Luthor. Not in a bad way, but a more creative way. He brought a new interpretation to the character that I thought was enjoyable. On Gal Godot as Wonder Woman, let me just say, I can't wait to see her spin off film either. DC Comics and everyone involved with casting did superb on the casting decisions in this film. Lastly, about the critics, do not let what some of them, who are bad mouthing this film, deter you from seeing it. As with any film, go see it because you want to, not because of what some critics are saying. I loved it because I'm a fan of comic books and movies in general. Anyone who knows me knows I like Batman. I'm a huge fan of the character both in literary and visual media form. I would say when his films aren't great.. ahem....that 1997 "Batman and Robin" film.

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