Monday, July 18, 2011

Writing tips

I know I'm not a professional writer. I'm far from it.  But I just wanted to share something good that helped me out tonight.  I got bad writer's block.  It got me in about the middle of the chapter.  I quit writing, got up, and took a walk around my campus, where I happen to be basing the story, but fictionalized of course. The walk really helped me figure out where my characters were going and what would happen in the story.  It brought a lot of clarity because there is so much I want to put into the story, but I have to remind myself to hold it back and wait for the right moments in it to give clues and insights.  It's a working progress and I really feel like I'm investigating the murder along with my characters.  It's a great feeling because I'm not quite sure where I'm going with it, because even my own characters are showing me sides of themselves I didn't know about.  That's a good thing right?  Anyway, one more chapter an dthen I start the revisions.  I'm also going to send it to a few fellow writers and such.  Until next time. 

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